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Thunderbird 80.0b1に対応するProvider for Google Calendarプラグインがようやく出ました。


Does not work with Thunderbird 78 and later · Issue #77 · kewisch/gdata-provider · GitHub

kewisch commented 4 hours ago
Hey Folks, thank you everyone for your support and helping others find a solution for the meanwhile. I've marked a few comments as outdated/off topic for lack of a better reason, but really just to focus any discussion in this issue around potential issues with 78. Please find the first compatible version of the Provider here:

The changes required a patch to Thunderbird/Lightning, so unfortunately at the moment the only way to try it out is to use Thunderbird Beta 80.0b1 or later. I'm working on getting those patches backported so they'd appear in Thunderbird 78.1.1 or 78.2

Let me know if there are any issues. My preference is filing new issues on this repo, noting the issue is related to the 78 builds.